Project Team

CyWrite project team members

CyWrite project team members at the April 2014 retreat. From left: Joe Geluso, Volker Hegelheimer, Aysel Saricaoglu, Evgeny Chukharev-Hudilainen, Hui-Hsien Feng, Carol Chapelle, Jim Ranalli

Leadership Team

  • Dr. Evgeny Chukharev-Hudilainen – Project Lead, PI EAGER*, Co-PI SRI*
  • Prof. Volker Hegelheimer – lead of Proposal Writing, PI SRI
  • Dr. Hui-Hsien Feng – Project Manager


Expanding Participation

  • Prof. Carol Chapelle – lead of Expanding Participation, Co-PI SRI
  • Matt DeFelice – Technical Writer (undergraduate)
  • Sylvia Dean – Communications Specialist (undergraduate)
  • Prof. Donald Bear (School of Education) – K-12 Liaison, Co-PI SRI


Biometrics and Writing Processes

  • Dr. Evgeny Chukharev-Hudilainen – Lead of Biometrics and Writing Processes, PI EAGER
  • Dr. Jim Ranalli – Co-PI EAGER
  • Dr. Mark Torrance (Nottingham Trent University) – consultant
  • Irene Abbott – undergraduate research assistant
  • Reece Lewellen – undergraduate research assistant (software development)


Corpus Annotation

  • Dr. Aysel Sarıcaoğlu (TED University) – research collaborator, lead of Corpus Annotation
  • Joe Geluso – graduate research collaborator (corpus linguistics)
  • Brody Dingel – undergraduate research assistant
  • Jim Heckathorn – undergraduate research assistant
  • Matthew Bowden – undergraduate research assistant


Rule-Based Natural Language Processing

  • Dr. Hui-Hsien Feng – post-doctoral research associate, lead of Rule-Based Natural Language Processing
  • Mo Chen – graduate student, research collaborator
  • Carly Johansen – undergraduate research assistant
  • Phillip Webber – undergraduate research assistant
  • Kat Stoldt – undergraduate research assistant


Machine Learning

  • Aleksei Bogdanov (Northern Federal University of Russia) – consultant, lead of Machine Learning
  • Tyler Uhlenkamp – undergraduate research assistant
  • Reshma Aravindan – graduate student, research collaborator


Project Alumni

  • Aaron Zatorski (undergraduate) – software development
  • Andrea Olson (undergraduate) – corpus annotation
  • Annaliese Pietsch (undergraduate) – rule-based NLP
  • Bree Planica (undergraduate) – corpus annotation, rule-based NLP
  • Kelly Rozendaal (undegraduate) – corpus annotation
  • Maria Brodskiy (undergraduate) – corpus annotation
  • Melanie Pope (undergraduate) – corpus annotation
  • Miles J. Conlan – undergraduate research assistant
  • Robert Perry (graduate) – software development, rule-based NLP
  • Robyn Riley (undergraduate) – communications specialist
  • Sinem Sonsaat (gradute) – corpus annotation, proposal writing


* Notes:
EAGER – EAGER: Exploiting Keystroke Logging and Eye-Tracking to Support the Learning of Writing, grant funded by National Science Foundation.
SRI – CyWrite: Making automated writing evaluation work for students, teachers, and researchers, grant funded by LAS College, ISU.